Upstaging Social Anxiety

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Upstaging Social Anxiety


Upstaging Social Anxiety is an improv comedy-based workshop that helps participants to better manage stress and anxiety and feel more comfortable navigating social situations. 

In a supportive environment, you will learn coping skills that will help you to better manage those uncomfortable feelings of anxiety that arise especially in social situations.  You will engage in tailored improv comedy exercises that are designed to help you gradually confront anxiety and challenge thoughts that fan the flames of fear.  Through the practice of improv comedy and re-enacting some worst-case social scenarios, you may begin to find some of your worries absurd...or even hilarious! 

Please note that this is NOT a therapy group. It is a recreational workshop that does not take the place of mental health treatment.  

Date: Sunday June 23, 2019

Time: 2-4pm

Location: The Art Gym Denver

1460 Leyden St, Denver, CO 80220

Price: Free. We offer our workshops freely so that all may have access regardless of income level. Your donations make this possible!!

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About the Facilitator

 Dr. Alison Sheesley is a skilled licensed professional counselor, passionate play therapist, and very amateur improviser.  With advanced training in group facilitation and play therapy, she has worked with a wide variety of clients across the lifespan facing many different issues.  She also facilitates a group counseling experience as an adjunct professor at the University of Northern Colorado.